…Award-winning, Market-leading…

BioTector is delighted to have been awarded the ‘2012 US Product Leadership Award’ by leading global research organisation Frost & Sullivan. Our performance in the US Water and Wastewater Analytical Instrumentation market was bench marked against key competitors, comparing 5 criteria:

  • Product Features & Functionality
  • Innovation
  • Market Response
  • Value-added Enhancements
  • Product Quality

Frost & Sullivan scored BioTector with an overall 90% rating, the closest competitor scored 66%.



Frost & Sullivan said:

“BioTector is a highly effective role model for product leadership”
“BioTector has become a market leader with an estimated 25-30% share of the TOC Water & Wastewater Analytical Instrumentation Market in the US”
“BioTector constantly develops add-on value services and extends its product line to accommodate ever-evolving needs in the market place”
“Through Best Practices and a compelling word-of-mouth reputation, BioTector Analytical Systems successfully developed robust organic growth across the US.”


"The Frost & Sullivan Award and their research report was a strong acknowledgment for the team at BioTector that our core philosophies work for this market" Martin Horan, Chairman, BioTector Analytical Systems Ltd.

  • We listen to our customers
  • We understand the commercial value of their TOC measurements
  • Analyzer reliability comes first - always!